Tube Architect is a 50 video course on how to really rank videos on Youtube and Google in 2016 and beyond.
This is the best and most complete YouTube training I’ve ever seen.
50 over-the- shoulder videos of everything you’ll ever need to rank videos in any niche.

Tube Architect is a step-by-step checklist ( taught over-the-shoulder) of every minute step to go through when putting a video onto YouTube.

Not only that, but you’ll get a checklist so that you can tick things off as you go, or have something to hand over to your Virtual Assistant.
I went through all the course and it is really solid with some great techniqes that are easy to implement and will definetly help. One thing to mention is that this is not about “creating videos or content”, the course is about optimizing your channel, videos and ranking.

I haven’t watched youtube courses lately so i dont know what other mentors are offering, but i found this course very pleasant.


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