What Is Simple Click Tracker All About?

Simple click tracker as you might already guessed is a click tracking and cloaking system for WordPress. So it’s a plugin which you’re going to install on your WordPress site. I hear you. You might say, oh no not another link cloaker and tracker plugin. Bear with me, this isn’t just a simple link cloaker and click tracker plugin like its name. This is really a complete link tracker and cloaker system which does much more than just cloaking and tracking a link.

What Are The Key Features?

As mentioned above, this does more than just cloaking and tracking a link. Below are some of the key features listed what it does:

track link stats
rotate links
cloak links
track conversions
manage multiple domains
create groups of links for easy organization
manage split tests easily
create, track and measure complete funnel conversions
drill into traffic stats by date, domain, group and link
edit, manage and create 404 links
edit and manage dead redirect links
add multiple users (think clients!) to manage domains
use this as WordPress plugin or on a WordPress page


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