What is new in version ?

Added Two-factor authentication support to provide an additional layer of security when signing in to Sendy! You can optionally setup two-factor authentication in your main settings. Your clients will also have the option to setup two-factor authentication for their own accounts.
Sendy will now automatically send a verification request to Amazon SES to verify your ‘From‘ email address while you’re at the ‘Define recipients‘ page if you did not verify the ‘From‘ email address. You no longer need to visit your Amazon SES console to verify your ‘From‘ email address.
Sendy will now automatically setup ‘bounces’ and ‘complaints’ handling for you.
Improved ‘Forgot password’ function.
Automatically populate the email text field in ‘Forgot password‘ modal window with email address entered in login form when clicking ‘Forgot password’.
Automatically focus on email field on login page
More precise error messages for failure to get Amazon SES quotas
Show actual error message returned by Amazon SES when using ‘Test send this campaign‘ function in ‘Define recipients’ page
A modal window will be displayed with troubleshooting instructions if the campaign is in ‘Preparing’ status for more than 5 minutes
Better and more precise error messages throughout the app


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