No Hands Proxies Crack
The best fully automated Proxy Checker Software ever

Unlimited Proxies with a single click
Fully automated proxy collection and checking
Get proxies for ANY use
Check against a list of websites
Change IP Address with a single click or key press
Lots of easy to follow video guides
Regular updates at no extra cost
14 day Full refund guarantee

Why you need No Hands Proxies

What are Proxies?
A proxy is a computer or server that is used as an intermediary for your internet connection. This proxy will then take your web request and process it before sending back your desired content. Proxies can be used for many things such as getting around parental or work filters and hiding your identity online.

How it works ?

No Hands Proxies is a revolutionary new kind of proxy checker that will do absolutely everything for you from finding new places to get fresh proxies from, downloading the proxies and checking they work. It will never end in its quest to find you more proxies and ensuring that all proxies it has found are still working.

What makes No Hands Proxies so special?

Unlike other proxy checkers that require you to find your own proxy lists No Hands Proxies leecher will do all of the heavy lifting for you, literally all you do is click the Go button and let it work.

No Hands Proxies will output your proxy list wherever you want it to be it to a local file, to an FTP server or even via email. It doesn’t matter what type of proxies you need and where you need them, No Hands Proxies will find them for you and put them where you want them

What if I need a specific type of proxy?

That is no problem as No Hands Proxy Checker can distinguish and filter out proxies that are not specifically wanted.

For example if you want proxies from a specific country that is no problem, if you have an application that needs proxies from a specific port again that is no problem. In fact it is very easy to filter out proxies based on how anonymous they are, the speed of them, port, region, and whether they work with specific websites (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc).

Incredibly simple setup
Ready to go “out of the box”. Just press start to get fresh proxies
Get Thousands of Proxies
No Hands Proxies is capable of harvesting thousands of working proxies

Super fast searching, harvesting, checking and filtering
Auto Everything
Constantly search and check unlimited proxies at the press of a button

Never Ending Proxies
No Hands Proxies will only stop getting working proxies when you stop it
Output Proxies Where You Need Them
Automatically output your fresh working proxy list to file, email and FTP
Get Region Specific Proxies
Easily harvest proxies from your desired countries
Filter Proxies By Latency
If speed is your thing you can limit to fast proxies only
Filter Proxies by Port
Get proxies on specific ports or block from specific ports
Check Against Websites
Check proxies against Google, Facebook, Twitter, Craigslist and many others
Use Proxies in Popular Software
Import proxies into any software with proxy support (with video guides)
Lifetime Updates
Totally free and regular updates. You will never pay more
Excellent Support
No Hands software is well known for having some of the best support online
Video and Written Guides
Lots of video and written guides showing how to get the most from NHP



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