(CPA Blaster, Mass Video Blaster, Pin Blaster, Short URL Blaster, Video Marketing Blaster, Video Spin, Blaster)

1. CPA Blaster v2.03 (Crack)
About: http://cpa-blaster.com/
Price: $167

2. Mass Video Blaster v2.30 (Crack)
About: http://mass-video-blaster.com/
Price: $167

3. Pin Blaster v1.43 (Crack)
About: http://pinblaster.com/
Price: $97

4. Short URL Blaster v1.06 (Crack)
About: http://shorturlblaster.com
Price: $27

5. Video Marketing Blaster v1.36 (Crack)
About: http://video-marketing-blaster.com
Price: $167

6. Video Spin Blaster v2.90 (Keygen)
About: http://video-spin-blaster.com/
Price: $27

Blaster Suite – 6 Video Marketing Tools (Total Worth $652)


1. Individual download links for cracks/keygen. All password protected.
2. Setup file download links from official website. Mirrors will be created if they expire.
3. All downloads contain a read me file. Be sure to read it.
4. All downloads contain virus scans of cracks/keygen (in the read me file).
5. I don’t use these softwares. Info on how to use these can be found on google.
6. I’ll check time to time for updates. If there is an update and I haven’t posted here, please PM me so I can post updated crack.
7. I’ll be posting all software updates in OP. If you want you may subscribe the thread to receive updates.


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